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Support “Throw Like a Girl” Movie

Filmmaker Cami Kidder is seeking backers for her documentary Throw Like a Girl,  her “quest to understand why, over 60 years after we had a women’s professional baseball league – AAGPBL, it is still so difficult for women who want to play baseball to be accepted, and to bring awareness to the fact girls want to play ball too.

“You mean softball, right?” is what every girl or woman or parent or coach hears after they say something about girls and playing baseball. It occurred to me if even my own friends and the relatives and friends of other girls who play couldn’t comprehend that women play baseball, then there has to be a large misunderstanding about women, baseball and softball. So as a documentary filmmaker, seeking answers and exploring this situation in the docu format is a contribution to the cause that I can make…

My intention for this film is to start an international conversation about this situation. This will not be an angry “men are the enemy” or a mean spirited “softball is lame” film. It is about understanding and inclusion, not about creating/reinforcing tension or building more barriers. After all women make up 52% of the population. We have the power to effect change.

We are on kickstarter to find funds to continue shooting and for post-production. So much is happening in women’s baseball, that we simply couldn’t wait for funding to start shooting. At this point, we’ve been all self-funded/volunteer which is only going to take us so far…” 1

To find out more about this project and how you can support it, please click here. Help bring this movie to the screen by donating before June 3, 2011. Our stories need to be told! Women’s baseball did not begin and end with the AAGPBL and women’s baseball movies need not be limited to A League of Our Own.


1. From Throw Like a Girl kickstarter site